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Pull up a seat at The Leaders’ Table, and join the conversation about making change for kids and communities.

New Episode: Nancy Gutierrez
New Episode: Nancy Gutierrez
New Episode: Nancy Gutierrez

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Nancy Gutierrez
Dr. Elora Diaz
Carlos Mark Vera
Cory Booker and Hakeem Jeffries
Kira Orange Jones
Marvin Figueroa
Special Episode
Marco A. Davis
Rev. Leah Daughtry
Yolanda Caraway
Dr. John B. King
Cecilia Muñoz
Dr. Wes Bellamy
Daniel Hernandez
Josie Raymond
Everton Blair

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The Leaders’ Table is a podcast by Leadership for Educational Equity that surfaces stories from education policy makers, their personal insights on leadership, and the tools & practices that make them successful. Each episode features a notable civic leader in the equity movement, and plenty of inspiration to start making a change in your own community.

Jason Llorenz
Taylor Stewart
Cindy Centeno
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